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life-science Karriere Services is specialized on bio-scientists,

so you can efficiently reach a vast range of experts.

The kind of jobs you can post

Fields – Branches – Positions

agriculture, biochemistry, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, data sciences, environmental science, forestry, geology, food technology, mathematics, medicine, nutrition science, pharmacy, physics,  process engineering, psychology, public  health, statistics, veterinary medicine and similar fields

Health – Food – Environment – Environmental Engineering

Pharma, Food-production, Medical Engineering, Agriculture, Ressource Management, Environmental Engineering, …

research, management, marketing, sales, quality assurance, administration, data sciences, production, … any position which requires knowledge and experiences in the life sciences.

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Duration of publishing 60 days.

You can modify your ad three times, as long as it remains the same position.

€ 405,–  + plus 20 % VAT

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Jobs for life scientists

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More than just a Job Board

Specialization – Network – Reputation

Thanks to the targeting on life sciences, you gain focussed access to a large number of specific-qualified applicants.

The network of companies – universities – and graduates offers special value for you to be in a hub of experienced professionals.

You can once more highlight your image as belonging to an important economic sector and desirable employer who develops innovative products and offers attractive career opportunities.

Companies trust in


0 Jobs D-Germany

ADLER-Werk Lackfabrik

0 Jobs A-Austria

Aeris GmbH

0 Jobs D-Germany


0 Jobs D-Germany

BioMonde GmbH

0 Jobs D-Germany

Clickjob Meyer AG

0 Jobs CH-Switzerland


0 Jobs D-Germany

CureVac SE

0 Jobs D-Germany

DIEHL Metering GmbH

0 Jobs D-Germany

DSM-Austria GmbH

17 Jobs Worldwide

Factworks GmbH

0 Jobs D-Germany

Fresenius Kabi

0 Jobs D-Germany


0 Jobs D-Germany


0 Jobs D-Germany

Heilpflanzenwohl AG

0 Jobs D-Germany

Hochschule Emden-Leer

0 Jobs D-Germany

InnFood GmbH

0 Jobs D-Germany

Kardion GmbH

0 Jobs D-Germany

KaVo Dental GmbH

0 Jobs D-Germany


0 Jobs A-Austria

Marinomed Biotech AG

0 Jobs A-Austria

Murrelektronik GmbH

0 Jobs D-Germany

P3 Klinik GmbH

0 Jobs D-Germany


0 Jobs D-Germany


0 Jobs D-Germany

Roche Austria GmbH

0 Jobs A-Austria


0 Jobs CH-Switzerland

SAN Group

11 Jobs A-Austria

Sanova Pharma GesmbH

0 Jobs A-Austria

Sarcura GmbH

0 Jobs Worldwide


0 Jobs D-Germany


0 Jobs D-Germany

Syngenta Ltd

0 Jobs D-Germany

Teach For Austria

0 Jobs Wien / OÖ / NÖ

Universal Job AG

0 Jobs CH-Switzerland

Urovant Sciences, Inc

0 Jobs D-Germany


0 Jobs A-Austria

VDM Metals GmbH

0 Jobs D-Germany

Voith SE & Co. KG

0 Jobs D-Germany

Wasserverband Gifhorn

0 Jobs D-Germany

Ypsomed GmbH

0 Jobs D-Germany

Ziegener + Frick GmbH

0 Jobs D-Germany

We look forward to supporting you to find the candidates matching your requirements.


health, environmental and food sector, agriculture and forestry, pharmaceuticals, resource and environmental management, etc. All branches in a life science context.


Management, Research & Development, Sales, Administration, – all positions, which request know-how in bio-sciences.

fields of competences

Biochemistry, bioinformatics, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, data sciences, environmental technology, environmental science, food technology, forestry, agriculture, life sciences, mathematics, medicine, medical engineering, microbiology, molecular biology, natural sciences, nutritional sciences, pharmaceuticals, physics, psychology, statistics, resource and environmental management , process engineering, veterinary medicine, and comparable


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