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life-science supports companies and candidates to find each other easily and quickly.

  • Companies can post their vacancies on and
  • interested applicants can directly send their cover letter and the CV to the employers. Furthermore candidates can upload their CV to be found and contacted by an employer.
  • Companies can inform about their unique attraction for employees and candidats get an insight in career options and the specific corporate requirements.

Properly qualified and committed employees
are essential to succeed on the global and local market.
Both during the boom and in severe times.

  • Job Alerts – You will automatically be informed about new opportunities as soon as a job, matching your search-criteria, is posted.
  • Organize your application management via
  • Upload your CV and let companies find you.


Für Unternehmen

  • Sie erreichen mit geringem Streuungsverlust eine Vielzahl an potenziellen Kandidaten mit fachspezifischem Hintergrund.
  • Sie sind mit Ihrem Unternehmen bei potenziellen Bewerber/-innen auch dann präsent, wenn diese gerade nicht auf der Suche nach einem neuen Job sind.
  • Informieren Sie die Kandidaten bevor sie sich bei Ihnen bewerben darüber, mit welchen Kompetenzen und Qualifikationen sie besonders gute Chancen haben.
  • Erreichen Sie Kandidaten/-innen, die gut vernetzt sind.

Für Bewerber/-innen

  • Sie finden an einem Ort komprimiert eine Vielzahl an Job-Angeboten im naturwissenschaftlichen Bereich.
  • Sie wissen nie, wann und wo sich die nächste Tür öffnen wird. Sie behalten die Unternehmen im Auge und können sich trotzdem auf Ihre Aufgaben konzentrieren.
  • Erfahren Sie schon während Ihrer Ausbildung bzw. bevor Sie sich bewerben, mit welchen Qualifikationen und Fähigkeiten Sie besonders punkten.
  • Nutzen Sie das Netzwerk von life-science für Ihre Karriere.

The kind of job you can post

Fields: agriculture, biochemistry, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, nutrition science, forestry, geology, food technology, mathematics, medicine, pharmacy, physics, environment, process engineering, veterinary medicine and similar fields.
Branches: HEALTH – FOOD – ENVIRONMENT; Pharma, Food-production, Medical Engineering, Agriculture, Ressource Management, Environmental Engineering, …
Positions: research, management, marketing, sales, quality assurance, administration, production, … any position which requires knowledge and experiences in the life sciences.

Your advantage in using life-science Karriere Services

Specialization: Thanks to the targeting on life sciences, you gain focussed access to a large number of specific-qualified applicants.
Network: The network of companies – universities – and graduates offers special value for you to be in a hub of experienced professionals.
Image: You can once more highlight your image as belonging to an important economic sector and desirable employer who develops innovative products and offers attractive career opportunities.

Companies trust in life-science Karriere Services

Have we caught your attention? Don't hesitate, join us!


health, environmental and food sector, agriculture and forestry, pharmaceuticals, resource and environmental management, etc. All branches in a life science context.


Management, Research & Development, Sales, Administration, – all positions, which request know-how in bio-sciences.

fields of competences

Biochemistry, bioinformatics, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, data sciences, environmental technology, environmental science, food technology, forestry, agriculture, life sciences, mathematics, medicine, medical engineering, microbiology, molecular biology, natural sciences, nutritional sciences, pharmaceuticals, physics, psychology, statistics, resource and environmental management , process engineering, veterinary medicine, and comparable


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